Gann Academy

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Gann Academy is a greater Boston Jewish high school recognized for an innovative curriculum that combines in-depth critical analysis, experiential learning and a focus on building a better world.

In early 2016, Gann contacted Bosse regarding event videography and event photography services for their upcoming TedX. Titled TedXWalthamEd, the event featured 5 presenters with a range of topics focusing on the field of education.

After accessing their needs and consulting the TedX branding guide regarding video, we recommended a multi-camera, 4 angle shoot. This configuration gave us the ability to capture a medium and wide shot from the left and right, a close-up from the center, and a wide shot from behind the presenter with the audience in the background. For the still images, we brought in 2 photographers each equipped with multiple lenses to capture not only the presenters, but audience reactions, Q&A and behind the scenes photos. This comprehensive setup resulted in a series of exceptional videos that were approved by TedX and posted on their site, and a dynamic selection of still images that Gann used for their website and social media platforms.

In addition to photography and videography services, Gann used Bosse Creative’s parent company Bosse Studios for all the A/V aspects of their event. We installed an appropriate sized projector and screen, and mixed and recorded all of the live audio.

Using the services of both Bosse Creative and Bosse Studios, Gann was able to achieve a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for their event.


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